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Think of building a book store that sell information in the physical term, you will need to renovate a storefront, preparing a teller desk, bookshelves for books, employees for the bookstore, and of course, the books.

Besides, if you wish to put more value added service to your customer, you might consider putting up a computer, a tablet or even a microsoft touch table to ease your customer in search for their books in your store.

Thus, in businesses online, we also need to have reliable tools to help us do all those works that would ease our customers to search and buy or even compare products or services online.

What are the tools that could ease your job as an online entrepreneur? I am adding more and more online tools that I myself found capable of shortening the working hours I have to spend online, categorized by the tools’ functions and usage asf:

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Free Vector Logos:  Flaticon ; SeekLogo ;  All Free Downloads ; Vecteezy


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